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I am a Minnesota-based Web Application Developer, focusing on advanced search functionality and e-commerce. For over 20 years I have been making websites. Starting with small static sites for family and friends, and progressing to database driven e-commerce applications. I've also helped design and build REST apps, search engines, high availability, mysql replication, data archiving, big data, statistical analysis. I have literally worked on and delivered hundreds of websites for clients worldwide!

Starting as a graphic designer, I have a background design and layout. Usability and interface design is fascinating. I generally love anything clean, intuitive, and modern. After designing and building many sites, I moved on to actual development.

Modern PHP, JS, and CSS Frameworks

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I enjoy using PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, and Elasticsearch for big data aggregation and advanced keyword searching on a fairly enormous scale. Currently I am interested in cloud based statistical analysis combined with advanced data visualization techniques using javascript and web browser.

I love using Open Source Libraries and Tools. Laravel, D3js, Elasticsearch, VueJs,


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Open Source Communities

Volunteers are the best employees

As my skills have grown over the years, I've used a lot of Open Source Software. Some of the most amazing thing's I've ever been able to produce, are due to the ability of Open Source solutions created by communities of passionate individuals. I have come to regard this process so highly that I try to contribute back to the projects whenever I can. To date I've been able to contribute code to these projects.

I have also prompted a initiative within my workplace to release some of our custom tools as Open Source. So far we have released the following projects on GitHub.

Most of these are engines or adapters for various Laravel sub-systems. Also, all involve Elasticsearch in some way. In the future I hope to add to these more librarties geared towards advanced Elasticsearch functionality within Laravel applications.

Open Source

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